Sunday, 26 June 2011

new in

(jeans - topshop, trainers - converse)

firstly, this week the Q. project blog got over 100 followers on blogger - very happy times! thank you lovely readers. secondly, the Q. project blog got its first hater! - bless them, as much as they hate the blog they still come back and check it. haters gonna hate. thirdly, these are my newbies. so for many a year, i never wore jeans (too chubs) and i then i set myself a target to get myself to a point where i would comfortably wear some. my target was the marathon and the skinny jeans i wanted were j brand, when i trained i envisaged them. i have a weird body type, i have a small waist and a huge heiny and thighs so my jeans tend to gape at the back and are too tight at the thighs. anyway, mama went to the states last week and said i should finally go and try some on so she could bring me some back (cheaper) and i nervously did so. and it was horrible. i went to harvey nicks, had some pretty shoddy customer service, tried my dream pair on and they were too sodding short. i tried on some others, they too were too short. i could have cried. the next day i went and tried levi's curve id bold curve's and they just were not perfect. again, could have cried. so i went to topshop, tried on their leigh's and they were perfect. they are a bargain, sit slightly higher on the hip, there are super amounts of stretch (for the thighs and bottom) and they are long enough (i got the 34") - amazeballs. to be honest they don't feel like a jean, more like a nice stretchy black cotton trouser but until i find my perfect pair of proper jeans, these will do. also got myself some high-tops, i had the low-tops but my mum washed them and turned them yellow (they were white) so thought i'd try a bit of ankle covering. 

K x